Your home should be your sanctuary. Stress is everywhere, whether it is caused from school, work, personal, or just life in general—stress happens. It is critical to maintain your stress levels in order to live a happy and successful life. Luckily, Aspen Square Management offers apartment communities across the nation that can help to improve your stress levels. We construct our communities in such a way that they create a “happy place” for our residents to call home.



Exercise has a way of releasing endorphins into the brain, which improves our moods. Several of our communities offer state of-the-art fitness centers, most of which are open 24-hours a day allowing you to workout at your own convenience. Having a fitness center within walking distance rather than having to commute and pay a monthly fee reduces stress by saving our residents time and money. Check out an example of one of our fabulous fitness centers by visiting Parkway Square Apartment Homes in Tallahassee, FL website.

Business Centers


Our business centers are designed to be bright and comfortable workspaces for multitasking, such as the business center at The Reserve at Ridgewood in Sandy Springs, GA. These are great areas to work online, lounge, and meet with business associates. The business centers reduce stress by making printing, scanning, and copying needs simple for all of our residents.


Aspen Square’s apartment communities seek to create comfortable, maintenance-free experiences. However, from time to time situations arise where maintenance support is needed. In this case, we offer not only regular hour maintenance; we offer 24 hour emergency maintenance as well. This takes the pressure and stress away from our residents having to worry about fixing issues on their own. We make it easy by having a way to submit maintenance request online on our community websites and our communities have after hour numbers to contact an on-call maintenance member quickly for emergency calls.

Resort-Style Pools


Most of our apartment communities offer sparkling swimming pools for a relaxing swim and a place to unwind as well as washer and dryer connections to avoid trips to the Laundromat, and community events to take time off and meet new people.

Overall, the convenience of apartment life that Aspen Square Management offers you can help reduce your stress levels from the moment you sign your lease. Contact one of our professional leasing consultants today at one of our communities near you to make 2015 your best year yet!

Renting out a small apartment can seem like a difficult task. But you can use interior design to maximize the space you have and make it more desirable to renters. Just because you have a smaller space, you don’t have to skimp on design and style. There are ways you can improve the look and feel of an apartment with less square footage and you can do it beautifully.CypressWinds-Model-LivingRoom

Purchase Multi-Functional Furniture

Functionality is the most important thing to consider when decorating a small space. How functional are the furnishings? If they can serve multiple purposes in one, they are ideal for your space. A coffee table that also serves as seating and storage is a great idea. This round coffee table has ottomans that slide underneath and have removable cushions for storage — functional, stylish and comfortable all in one.

A sleek, modern foldable sofa bed is a great piece of furniture that can serve as comfortable seating anytime and as an extra bed for guests.

AshfordLakes-Model-Closet2Get Rid of Clutter

When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with unnecessary items taking up room on shelves or your coffee table. Everything should have a designated place. Personal touches are welcome, as long as they don’t make a room seem chaotic and filled to the brim. Take these decluttering tips from the professional organizers at Many of Aspen Square’s apartment communities’ closets come with built-in organizers to help to organize clutter!

Design with Space in Mind

Really think about the layout before putting furniture in place. Consider both function and flow. How will the space appear when you walk in? The furniture you choose and its placement should make sense while serving a function; don’t waste space with unnecessary tables or furniture. Renters should walk into the apartment and be able to see how the space could work if they lived there. Be cognizant of the focal point — do you really want the TV to be the first thing you see when you walk into a room?

Add Table AccentsRidgemar-Model-LivingRoom

Putting a small plant or fresh flowers on a coffee table, end table or mantelpiece is a great idea. It brings nature inside while adding freshness to a space. A touch of green or a pop of color helps potential renters see a property as a livable place. These small touches will give your apartment extra character.

Use Mirrors

Township-Square-0452Interior designers have come up with many tricks to make small spaces seem larger. One popular, well-known trick is placing mirrors on walls in small rooms. Maximize light by placing a mirror behind a candle, bedside lamp or pendant lamp. Putting a floor-length mirror behind a piece of furniture will also help create the illusion of more room. Play with mirror placement to maximize natural light in the space and create the illusion of wide-open area.

Include Art and Wall HangingsIMG_2694

You don’t have to be afraid to bring paintings and art into a smaller space. Over-sized paintings often make a room seem bigger and bring the eye up from floor to ceiling. Try paneled paintings in lighter hues to keep the space feeling airy and light. The art you choose should reflect your personality and design aesthetics.

Through clever design choices you can make a small apartment seem like a palace. Use these tips and get your property rented faster.

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Every year society makes a list of certain goals they want to accomplish for the New Year. Some of those goals consist of things such as fitness challenges, meeting new people, becoming less stressed, and saving money. Aspen Square Communities across the country are equipped with many of the necessities you need to start your New Year’s Resolutions off right. There is ZERO need to feel overwhelmed in 2015. Let Aspen Square Management help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions this year!

Many of our communities across the country are well known for their 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness centers that can help you get a fresh start on your fitness goals. Such as Cypress Winds Apartments Homes in Bradenton, Florida near The University of Miami. There is no better time than now to give the management team at Cypress Winds Apartment Homes a call to take advantage of their amazing fitness center that is fully equipped with treadmills, elliptical, free weights, and so much more! Most of our communities include a fitness center, like this one with free membership. So, no matter what your location, we are sure to have the perfect community for you!cypress-winds-fitness

If your New Year’s Resolution consists of wanting to meet new people, Aspen Square Communities have you covered. A priority to our management teams across the country is to create close knit communities. Many of our communities create monthly newsletters for their residents with a variety of community events to get to know your new neighbors.

Becoming less stressed in the New Year is so important for us all. Living in a home where you have all of the must have amenities at your doorstep can be key. Check out The Pines at Carolina Place Apartment Homes in Pineville, NC near Carolina Place Mall. This community is fitted out with Large Bedrooms, Ample Closet Space, Private Patios/Balconies, a Sparkling Swimming Pool, Clubhouse, Fully Equipped Business Center, Large Play Ground, and so much more! Pines-at-Carolina-Bedroom

Saving money is always a top pick for New Year’s when it comes to resolutions. Affordable living is one of Aspen Square Management’s many specialties. If you are in the market for a new home, be sure to check out our website at and browse through a list of our communities in your area to see the amazing specials that our communities offer!

Happy New Year from Aspen Square Management!


Occupants of small apartments are unique kind of urban dwelling animals. They know the life of compartmentalizing. The savviest of them have cool and useful ways of creating more space in a small area. Ideas on how to create more space for storage range from functional to creative. Why not mix both? Here are some creative and functional ideas to create more space within your abode:

Functionalmetal shelving unit

In many apartments, the kitchen has only the basic storage areas—the cupboards, the cabinets below and whatever can fit on top of the refrigerator. One idea is to design with a “garage-style.” An industrial metal shelving unit looks sleek, is sturdy and provides extra shelving for those extra dishes, bottles of wine and knickknacks that otherwise eat up more precious countertop space. These units are great for your candle collection or extra plants, as well. An added bonus is the fact you can use hooks to hang certain large utensils underneath the top shelves, too.


DIYers with a flair for function can take an old bookshelf, remove the top shelves and install hooks on the back of part of it to hang coats, scarves and hats. The bookcase can be painted to your liking. The bottom shelf can be a catch-all for gloves, keys, wallets and purses.

A functional way to make more room in your bedroom closet is to buy wrinkle-free shirts and pants. How does that save room, you ask? It’s simple. These wrinkle-free clothes can be stored away in totes and placed underneath your bed, freeing up more space in your closet to include extra jackets and seasonal storage items. There are totes of all kinds specifically made for being placed underneath the bed, which makes under area of your bed more useful than just collecting dust bunnies.

Effective furniture placement can also create more space. For example, if you can “float” your couch in a certain way in the room that leaves enough room to place a dresser and walk space, you’ve not only added more storage area but also allowed the room to flow. With the dresser, you can either leave the drawers in for storage or remove them to allow for big items storage like pillows and blankets.



For a chic and creative storage solution try decorating with an upcycled ladder. A wooden ladder can be used in various ways in a small apartment. One way is to make it into a hanging closet, where you can create extra closet space by hanging clothes from the ladder. Simply lean the ladder up against a wall in the bathroom and use it as a towel rack or place it up against the wall in the living room to hang plants or stack books on it. If you have a self-standing ladder, you can add platforms to it that you can set extra kitchenware on.

You can also make room under the sink in your kitchen and bathroom simply by using a shower rod. Put a shower rod underneath your sink cabinet and you can hang cleaning products on it. With the addition the shower rod, items can be neatly stacked away and can allow you to hang bottles off the floor, which provides even more space for toilet paper and or other cleaning items.

shower-rod-storage Many Aspen Square communities also offer additional storage closets in their floor plans, which will help to get rid of the clutter. Here are just some of our communities that offer additional storage closets:


As you look for yet another new apartment, you are probably eager to get past the drag of haggling over  rent and deposits so you can think about decorating your new place. Although you may have stuff from your last place, a new apartment deserves a few new flourishes. And, if you like to be eco-friendly, take a look at a few of these green decor solutions:

Warm Up With Wool

Stay warm on cold nights without cranking up the thermostat by stocking up on a few wool blankets. As a renewable, natural resource, wool is one of the most effective ways to keep warm while respecting Mother Nature. Add a wool blanket to your bed and keep one near the couch to cuddle up with during your evening read. Heritage wool manufacturer Pendleton has an assortment of responsibly produced wool blankets that will work with most styles of decor. Opt for blankets from their Eco-Wise Wool collection, which features wool that’s recyclable and can even be composted. Blankets start at $109.

Buy Your Couch Locally

Instead of shelling out thousands on that dream couch that has to be shipped halfway around the world, think locally to save your wallet and the ozone layer. Scour local antique shops and estate sales for a vintage couch. Or, if the thought of someone else’s couch in your home seems gross, simply have it reupholstered in the fabric of your choice. It’ll likely be much sturdier than a modernly produced couch, and you’ll have free reign to still make it your own. Check out Craigslist for sale listings or an estate sale locator like

Upcycle a Coffee Table

You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating a coffee table from repurposed goods. For instance, you can harvest a section of a recently fallen tree trunk. Simply cut the trunk in half from the top down, and add legs. Or, give unused bricks a good scrub, and stack them in a circle five or six bricks high. Secure them together with mortar, and top them with a round pane of glass. Another option is to use an old cable spool as a table.

Reuse Lighting

Industrial style has made a huge comeback in recent years, and some of the best finds are in lighting. From massive metal pendants to colorful and bell-shaped lights to repurposed lanterns, there are plenty of options that will match your home decor. The patina of reclaimed lighting adds an uncommon textural element, as well. If you don’t have the patience to scour antique shops and have lighting rewired for modern application, you can find an assortment of reclaimed lighting options from eco-retailers like Bambeco.

Roommates. We’ve all been there. At first, the idea of living together seems great; he or she (or they) are well-mannered, gainfully employed, nice enough and claim to typically keep to themselves, so when they say their pet cat won’t cause any problems, you believe it. But then…they move in and you realize “nice enough” is actually passive aggression and you’re pretty sure the cat is plotting your murder.

You just can’t seem to get in-sync with this person, which makes for a less than ideal living situation. Have no fear; here are five must-knows for making it work with difficult roomies.shutterstock_148931312

Get to Know Each Other

A little effort goes a long way. Plan a fun event for you and your roommate(s) and do your best to really get to know each other. Ask about his or her background, family, interests and make sure to listen and take note to the things you have in common and also what makes them unique. To ease the awkwardness, plan this outing at a wine bar, a painting studio or even go for a hike; just choose an activity you will both enjoy that offers moderate distraction so there’s no pressure to fill every second of silence.

Invest in a Whiteboard

The key to stress-free coexistence is communication. Get a dry erase message board for tracking bills, to-do lists and groceries; maybe even one day you’ll need to write down plans for a night out together! Use the whiteboard to help keep you both on track and to keep lines of communication open. But beware, while whiteboards are great for communication, they can easily turn into passive-aggressive-message boards, so don’t use it to leave notes like, “Sorry I was screaming for no reason and woke you up at 3AM.” In that case, you should definitely offer a sincere, face-to-face apology.

Respect Boundaries

Sharing a space means learning a lot about a person. If you and your roommate aren’t exactly best friends, it’s important to pick up on clues and respect boundaries. Does your roommate roll her eyes at you when you gleefully ask how her day was? Does your roommate spend weekends holed up in his room playing video games? You need to be aware of these habits. Perhaps she likes some space when she gets home from work; maybe he needs that time to clear his head without forcing conversation. Being respectful of one’s boundaries goes a long way in roommate situations and is often met with the same level of respect.

Quality Couch Surfing

When all else fails, summon the power of TV and movies. With streaming becoming the entertainment norm for Millennials rather than traditional cable or even satellite TV, inexpensive streaming devices like the Roku player are growing in popularity. Try turning on last night’s “Scandal” and bond over Olivia Pope and Fitz. Or watch old episodes of “I Love Lucy” and bond over Ricky singing “Babalu.” Or bond over the amazing love story of Pam and Jim from “The Office.” With literally thousands of options of what to watch, there’s no way you won’t find some common ground.


Many of Aspen Square’s student communities offer by-the-bed floor plans. Meaning, you will be renting out a room, as opposed to an entire apartment unit. In some of these communities, we offer roommate matching* where we can place you with roommates OR you can bring in your own! Check out some of our student properties with by-the-bed pricing below:

*roommate matching not available in all locations.

Halloween is approaching! Typically trick or treating and Halloween events are not common at Apartment Communities. However, at Aspen Square Communities across the nation, that is not the case! Our communities know how to have a spooktacular good time! Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you cannot be part of the Halloween FUN!

Christina, manager at Lakeview Estates in Tucker, Georgia says; "My residents love decorating their doors for various holidays! They always get competitive and extremely creative.”


Brittany, manager at Toledo Club Apartments in North Port, Florida says, “We have several residents who trick or treat! They meet at the parking lots and hand out candy from the trunks of vehicles. They call this trunk-or-treating”


Stacey, manager at Hidden Hills at Oakdale West in Bloomington, IN says, “We host a Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest for our residents!”


Jade, leasing manager at River Reach Apartments in Naples, Florida, has a nice trick or treating tip at their apartment community. She says, “Our residents can hang signs on their front door if they want trick-or-treaters to come the night of Halloween. The signs are printed on orange paper and read “Happy Halloween! Trick-or-Treaters Welcome!”


Do you do anything spooktacular at your apartment community for Halloween?

Summer is finally over and fall is the ideal season for apartment living for several different reasons. Picture yourself waking up on a calm chilly morning, with a cup of hot pumpkin spice coffee in your hand; looking out your apartment window at the scenic falling leaves. Fall is the perfect time of year for you to begin enjoying your apartment home and outfitting it with cozy fall décor and fresh fall aromas. Fall marks the beginning of the holiday season which runs from Halloween all the way through New Year’s Day.

Be sure to create a Fall Apartment Living Agenda to get the most out of the fall season. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

You’ve Got to Have the Right Décor:

fall wreaths

Get your apartment into the spirit! This is a time for a change up in your color scheme with reds, oranges, and olive greens. Wreaths are a super easy, budget friendly option for your apartment home. They are a MUST HAVE for the fall season and upcoming holidays! Also, nothing says fall like the aroma of pumpkin, cinnamon apple, and warm vanilla. Pinterest is always a go-to for creative and cheap decorative ideas! 

Take Advantage of Your Apartment Community Events:

Living in an apartment community has several perks when it comes to a sense of community. During the fall, most apartment communities host several different activities such as pot luck dinners, costume contests, door decorating contests, trick or treat festivities, etc. This is a great time to really connect with your neighbors and appreciate apartment living. Aspen Square Management takes pride in their resident activities at their different communities. At The Villas at Bon Secour in Gulf Shores, Alabama, the staff is showing appreciation to their residents this fall by hosting a pumpkin carving contest for residents.

villas-pumpkin contest

Host a “Friendsgiving”:friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a new way to host a get together for your close friends in the luxury of your apartment home. It is increasingly popular and is commonly hosted around the Thanksgiving holiday. Your Friendsgiving can be as traditional or nontraditional as you choose. There are really no rules for a Friendsgiving; it is just a great time to enjoy delicious food with close friends. The key is to not overwhelm yourself and to make sure you have plenty of seating!




What are ways you like to enjoy the fall season in your apartment home?

Ample natural light is one of the most understated luxuries in real estate. The amount of natural light in a home can make or break it’s potential because it dramatically affects the mood of a space. If you find your home to be more cave-like than bright and airy, fear not, there’s still hope to let the light in. Here are a few easy to implement strategies to help transform any room into a light-filled, sunny space.


Refresh Your Windows

If you live in an older home and find that you prefer to keep your windows covered with heavy window treatments because you’re embarrassed of their condition, now is the time to give your windows a facelift. And if you think they look that bad, chances are their functionality is lacking as well, and you may be losing money in energy costs if heat loss is an issue. The windows on the market today are leaps and bounds beyond older windows when it comes to insulation. In some cases it’s worth splurging on new windows for the energy savings alone. Thinking of selling your house soon? New windows also increase the value of a home, so it is well worth the investment.

Install Light Tubes

Sure, the obvious answer is to add more windows or even a skylight. While that will certainly get the job done, it may be more construction than you had envisioned. However, the addition of light tubes, also known as tubular daylighting devices (TDDs), can make a similar impact with less cost and construction required. A light tube is a reflective pipe that is installed between the ceiling and roof, which draws light down into the room. A tubular daylighting device is essentially a miniature skylight that doesn’t require as much legwork to install, mainly because it takes up less room. This is an ideal option for rooms like a bathroom or walk-in closet that typically don’t have windows for the sake of privacy, yet could still benefit from more natural light.

Add Mirrors

Create the illusion of plenty of natural light by strategically placing a large mirror directly opposite of a window. Instead of using a large piece of art as a focal point on the wall, opt for a mirror set in an elaborate frame to make a design statement while brightening up the surrounding space. If you have a gallery wall of framed photos, try mixing in a few mirrors in quirky designs like a starburst as well as more classic silhouettes to add light in a more understated way. Or to reflect light around an especially expansive space, arrange a gallery wall of antique mirrors in various sizes, shapes and frames for the ultimate effect.

Rethink Window Treatments

If you have a penchant for heavy drapery or thick wood blinds that are more often closed than open, your natural lighting problem could be more of a window treatment issue. Sure, privacy is a concern, but there are many ways to protect your family from nosy passersby. For instance, sheer curtains are an ideal way to diffuse light discreetly without having to draw the shades multiple times a day. Or consider installing drapery on an auto timer so that window treatments are drawn automatically are predetermined times daily.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, telecommuting has increased almost 80 percent since 2005! And while working from home has many perks (hello flexible schedules and cutting commuting costs), there can be days where it’s very difficult to find the motivation and/or energy to get anything accomplished.


Below are a few ideas for boosting the natural energy (and mood!) in your home office.

Add a Gender-Specific Touch

Are you a woman with style? Bring a feminine touch to your home office with pastel-colored furniture and accessories. When you live in a small apartment, it’s important to utilize all the space you can, so try showcasing your favorite books on a vertical shelf next to an elegantly curved desk or go for attractive simplicity with just a computer and some good lighting. The key is to keep colors and textures balanced, while maintaining comfort.

On the other hand, if you’re a man, your office will likely double as a man cave. Include dark furniture with more rustic or deep hues like forest green or ashy grey. While, you likely don’t want to include any distractions such as a TV, you should surround yourself with images of fishing, hunting or other hobbies that you love.

Regardless of your preferred aesthetics, its not about pretending you’re in an office. Instead, take some creative liberties and make a pleasant and inspiring working environment where your dreams can become a reality.

Beautify Your Surroundings

Oftentimes, people get caught up in work and pleasing clients, but what about your own comfort, energy and mood? Take a look at your home office space: is it cluttered and dusty or neatly organized? Aside from a little tidying, consider adding personal touches like photos of your pets or family. If there’s a specific image or quote that you like, frame it. Then, bring the outside inside with flowers or other greenery, as having an office plant can boost creativity by 45 percent and productivity by 38 percent, according to a 2013 study conducted by by the Identity Realisation research group at the University of Exeter.

Go For a Walk

When you’ve been sitting in your office, eyes glued to your excel spreadsheet, it can be difficult to remember to get up and get the blood pumping every once in a while. One of the best natural energy boosters? The sun! Being outdoors helps reduce the levels of stress hormones we have in our bodies, while also increasing our levels of serotonin and energy levels, reports Mayo Clinic. Try scheduling two 10-minute blocks on your calendar every day, even if its just to sit outside and soak up the warmth.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

When your energy falls into the red zone, don’t just reach for caffeine. You don’t have to scrap your daily Starbucks run, but keep some alternative, out-of-the-box options stocked in your pantry.

  • Whole Grains: breakfast is the time for packing in some wholesome carbs. Consider eating whole-grain cereal and a slice of toast with breakfast. Just don’t OD in the grain department, more than six servings (even of the good stuff) can leave you sluggish.
  • Edamame or soybeans: these are high in energizing nutrients, particularly vitamin-B. Snack on a handful as a source of good fiber and protein, but try to limit the salt.
  • Trail mix: to avoid excess sugar, make your own! Just combine all your favorite nuts, such as pistachios, almonds or peanuts with pumpkin seeds and dried fruit. Add in some pretzels to pack in a few more fueling carbs.