Cleaning house or apartment is such a drag. Those who can afford it hire cleaners. The rest of us talk ourselves into spending a chunk of our days cleaning. A quick clean of your home is possible, however. Read on for three tips to help you quickly get a clean, or at least cleaner, home.

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Buy Devices That Boost Cleaning

Three devices make cleaning easier, thoroughly and, most importantly, quick. They should be part of any household cleaning arsenal.

  • Steam cleaner. These are the best choice for cleaning bathroom floors, MakelyHome says. Get one with attachments to clean tile, showers, drapes and upholstery. Steam cleaners can even clean windows.
  • Vacuum cleaner. Canister or upright? It’s a personal choice, but the Allergy Buyers Club finds more pros and fewer cons for canister vacuums, which often come with more useful attachments than uprights.
  • Dishwasher. Washing dishes by hand is dirty and time-consuming. A Whirlpool dishwasher will do a better job than you or even your grateful dinner guest. Here are a few reasons why:
    • Dishwashers must reach a scalding high temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bacteria, according to RealSimple. Even if your sink water could reach that temperature, it would scald your hands. But dishwashers easily reach it.
    • Whirlpools can be programmed to soak dishes overnight to remove baked-on food. No more mess in your sink.
    • They can be customized for a job. Take out the upper rack to accommodate larger items, such as a Dutch oven.
    • Removable silverware baskets make unloading and sorting easier.

Clean From the Top Down

Start by cleaning from top of the room, advises the Happy Homemaker. This means cleaning light fixtures, ceiling fans, blinds and the tops of doors, bookcases and window trim. Dust them with electrostatic wipes or dusters. If they are really dirty, use a rag soaked with a solution of 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water to cut through the dirt.

As you work your way down, you’ll probably notice your electronics (TV, computer monitor and other accessories) gather a lot of dust. Be sure to clean these, too. Try to resolve to clean your electronics before you use them; this will preserve their lifespan by keeping dust out of their components.

Blinds can be real dust magnets and accumulate a shocking amount in a short amount of time, particularly if you live in dusty areas of the country like the Southwest. Steam or vacuum them if they are really dirty.

Cleaning floors should be the last item on your list. This is where that steamer and vacuum come in to play. It’s also the most physical part of cleaning, so take a short break before you break out the big guns.

Declutter as You Clean

As you clean, keep a large trash bag nearby to toss out clutter you don’t need. A lot of it is probably junk mail that looked interesting enough not to throw out immediately. But if it has been sitting around for more than a week, you probably won’t read it anyway.

Be sure to gather any dishes and glassware that migrated from the kitchen and load them into your dishwasher for a good cleaning as well.

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Keeping up with the tech world is difficult. Tech devices take up valuable shelf and table real estate, not to mention outlets, and they suck away your family’s attention like a hyperspace wormhole. But they also keep you connected to your friends and family. They update you on tomorrow’s weather, what your high school frenemy ate for lunch and YouTube cat videos. But how many devices does your household actually need? Read the following tips to find out how to streamline your family’s device life:

Share a Household Tablet

No, we’re not talking a complete techpocalypse. But do you really need an iPad Mini and a MacBook Air if you are usually glued to your smartphone? If tablets and laptops are only used periodically in your family for special presentations or road trips, buy one communal device rather than four separate ones. Designate a shelf in the living room or kitchen as that device’s home, and implement a first-come-first-served user policy. Time limits might be useful, too, if you have kids.

Share Household Accounts

If each family member absolutely needs his or her own device, streamline your family’s online presence by sharing a household account. Share Kindle books, apps and games using Amazon’s Family Library. Allow every family member to enjoy Microsoft Office products across all devices with one Microsoft Office 365 Family Subscription. Pay one Netflix subscription and, for $1 more per month, stream two movies or shows simultaneously. Allow for personalized recommendations and set age-appropriate restrictions by managing separate user profiles.

Share a Household Number

Remember when you used to be able to phone home? Bring back the carefree days of yore with T-Mobile’s offering of one phone number for multiple devices. No more need to check the missed FaceTime calls on your iPad as well as the missed Skype calls on your Android smartphone. No more need to etch four phone numbers into your children’s memories for emergency contacts. Make one phone number your permanent home phone and then use that number across all devices. Take T-Mobile’s fun holiday quiz to decide which devices and accessories are best for each person.

Don’t Overspend

Buying a separate device for each family member involves a lot of cha-ching. Set your family on a sustainable path by setting a yearly budget for device purchases. Research discounts available, such as student, teacher and government employee discounts. Before swiping your card at checkout, ask yourself how many years you will use this device before upgrading to the newest and greatest device. Also, consider buying certified refurbished devices at a discount rather than brand new ones.

Organize the Accessories

A drawer full of random white and black cubes is no way to live. Instead, install outlets in your home that include a USB port or two for easy charging in any room of the house. For true organization, encourage your family members to buy gadgets that use common chargers and cords. This way, if you forget your phone charger at a hotel, you can still charge your phone with your hubby’s charger. To prevent five different coiled wires from becoming a serious threat to your home’s feng shui, consider corralling charger cords with rubber bands, zip ties or twisty ties.

Whether you’re headed off to college, working as a young professional, or you’re planning to move in with a loved one, bringing two unique personalities and styles together can be a challenge. But your apartment or home doesn’t have to look like a hodgepodge of random décor. Here at Modernize, we understand the importance of a cohesive design that brightens your mood and keeps you cozy. Here are a few of our favorite solutions.

Downsize and Organize

Merging two households can result in excessive clutter. Before making the move, go through your items and decide what to keep, sell and donate. Some common clutter items are knickknacks you don’t need anymore, clothing that you don’t wear, and stacks of papers that could be stored digitally or in a filing system.


via Make Scout

Once you’ve sorted through your items, take inventory of what you have in order to choose the best organizational tools. For shoes, consider purchasing a shoe rack or over-the-door shoe organizer. Under-the-bed storage tubs and cubby systems are great solutions for sharing a small space. Luckily, many of Aspen Square’s apartments for rent include closets with built-in organizers and shelving. Some of our apartment communities that include closets with built-in organizers include:

Coordinate Complementary Colors

So you love blue and your roommate loves orange. What are you supposed to do? The complementary color chart matches colors that you wouldn’t normally think go together. Common pairs are purple and yellow, pink and green and orange and blue. Meshing your favorite colors can create a vibrant living space that adds a lot of cheer to your everyday life.


via Oh My Décor

What about colors that clash? Using your favorite colors as accents gives you that pop of joy without creating a décor disaster. Instead of painting a wall red, try incorporating a vintage red vase with bright, cheerful flowers. Or go for an interesting rug instead of an entire piece of furniture.

You may be able to compromise with your roommate to make your current décor work. Slipcovers and reupholstering are great solutions for updating fabrics without purchasing new furniture. After all, living with a roommate should save you money!

Cater to Your Space

If you have a large piece of furniture you’ve loved for years, but it doesn’t work for your space, it may be time to let it go. Moving into a new home or apartment means arranging your current furniture and possessions in a way that creates a positive flow and boosts your mood. If you’re always having to squeeze behind a piece of furniture to walk to another room, you’re going to feel frustrated, and studies show you may even develop environmental anxiety.

Eliminate stress by selecting furniture that caters to the space limitations of your home, and creates a natural, open flow. You’ll also want to utilize natural light and highlight windows with window treatments.

Talk About It


via RentCafe

If you’re truly worried about meshing décor with your new roommate, don’t be afraid to schedule some time to talk. It may not always seem important, but how we decorate and furnish our homes can deeply affect our moods and happiness. Your home should be your oasis, and the place where you can relax at the end of a hard day. So have a cup of coffee and talk about your wants and needs, so you can problem-solve together!

Aspen Square owns and manages many different apartment communities that offer by the bed floor plans, perfect for a roommate situation. Some of our student apartments even offer roommate matching! Below is some of our apartments for rent that offers by the bed floor plans.


The holidays are a time neighbors and friends can come together and celebrate; a time for you to reach out to those in your life with whom you haven’t connected for a while. This year, gather your neighbors and host a fun-filled holiday event. Here are some ideas on different ways you can celebrate.


Begin the early stages of organization at least six weeks before the event date. Talk to your property manager about hosting the event in the clubhouse or common area of the apartment complex. This way, all residents will feel included and welcome. If you have a common entrance area or somewhere people can look for announcements, hang a flyer about the event.

If you have everyone’s Facebook information, create an event on the social media page for everyone to see. If you have your neighbors’ emails, use Paperless Post to send an evite. Find a date that works for the majority of people but don’t try to accommodate everyone otherwise you’ll never find a date. Since the holiday season is busy and full of many events, send out your invitations at least four weeks before the date of the event.

Event Idea

Decide what kind of event you’d like to host based on the personalities in your complex. If you’ve seen your neighbors come back from the farmers market with a fresh produce bounty, it’s likely they’d love a culinary-themed get together. You could have a holiday potluck, where everyone can cook and share a personal, traditional dish with the rest of the community. You might have a holiday cookie baking party, where everyone can bake holiday-themed cookies. Wrap and bundle your baked goods and distribute them to the homeless or a food bank.

Secret Santa is another fun way that you can figure out more about your neighbors. It encourages you to learn more about who they are and what they enjoy. Create incentives for your neighbors to join your event. Explain why you’re keen on having a holiday event with your community. Include games and prizes at the gathering to pique the interest of the potential attendees who are on the fence.

Gift Ideas

If your neighborhood holiday soiree involves Secret Santa, make sure you all agree upon an appropriate budget. You don’t want to discourage those who may experience financial struggle from participation in the event. Ask your neighbors to vote on the spending limit, so you have a better idea of what everyone is comfortable with.

How well do you know the person you drew?

  • If your neighbor is outdoorsy, you’ll likely find some great gift ideas at an outdoor store like Cabela’s.
  • If she’s into crafts and home decor, JoAnns or Target are good options.
  • If he enjoys food and wine, visit your local, specialty wine shop for a bottle of wine. Or grab a gift certificate from a local restaurant she’s talked about liking in the past.

If your neighborhood event isn’t a Secret Santa, but you still wish to distribute gifts, homemade gifts or baked goods are always a thoughtful idea and are usually quick to be enjoyed.

Many of our Aspen Square communities throw holiday parties in the resident clubhouse. Here are a few of our apartment communities holding a Thanksgiving event for residents:


There are many different ways to say thank you and make people feel like they are valued and appreciated. Aspen Square Management goes the extra mile to really show our residents that we love them!  As a management company, we pride ourselves in taking customer service to the next level at our communities.  We are proud to say that we have communities from the East Coast to the West Coast showing our new prospects and residents the true meaning of resident appreciation.  We believe that showing our residents appreciation helps to develop the true meaning of community at our apartment homes.

We get excited to see our Aspen Square Communities have fun watching our prospects and residents get excited over the different gestures that their leasing offices offer them.  The reward comes from knowing our residents are glad to call our communities home.  The staffs at our communities spend a lot of time creating unique ways to show our appreciation to their residents and prospects of our communities.


Here are a few exclusive ways that Aspen Square Management shows thanks to our prospects and residents: 

Beacon Square Apartment Homes in Chicopee, MA

“Beacon Square offers our prospects and residents a hot chocolate bar for the winter and a lemonade bar to cool down in the summer!” – Kimberly, Community Manager 

hot-chocolate-bar lemonade-bar

Quay 55 Luxury Apartments in Cleveland, OH

“We bought new grilling utensil sets for our outdoor grill!  We allow our residents to sign them out and borrow them from their grilling needs!” – Samantha, Community Manager

grilling sets

Pine Lake Apartment Homes in Palm Coast, FL

“We package little greenhouses to give to our residents during renewal time with a note asking them if they will continue to grow with us!” –Jessica, Community Manager


Oakbrook Pointe Apartment Homes in Norcross, GA

“We honored our community parents by creating these special treats just for them!”— Amber, Leasing Consultant


Bella Terraza Apartment Homes in Jacksonville, FL

“We made these summer themed move in baskets to leave in our new resident’s apartment homes as a fun surprise and welcoming to our community!” –Amanda & Marta, Leasing Consultants

movein baskets


It is extremely important to Aspen Square Management that we show our prospects and residents that we truly appreciate them calling our communities home!  We are continuously focused on developing a sense of community and building long lasting relationships at all of our apartment homes.  Aspen Square Management takes pride in offering our residents and prospects top notch customer service, resort-style amenities, pet friendly apartments and so much more!  If you are in the market for an apartment home or know of someone who is apartment hunting please visit us at www.aspensquare.com and feel free to contact one of our many amazing communities today.


Remodeling a home can be challenging even for the most talented individuals. Even if you’re thinking about hiring an interior designer to help bring everything together, make sure to do some homework first. This can help your designer balance your decor with your lifestyle, the mood of the room and the architectural features to ensure that every detail fits into the scheme. Here are just a few apps you can download to your device to get started.

Color Swatches

For Inspiration

If you have trouble articulating your preferred look, try snapping photos of rooms that you love. These apps will help you get inspired and find your style.

  • Pinterest: This app is great if you need to sort through a lot of styles and ideas. Between its nearly never-ending pages and ease of pinning your favorites to specialty-curated boards, it’s the easiest way to organize all your thoughts around a project.
  • Houzz Interior Design Ideas: Available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, you can browse photos by style, room and location. You then can share your favorites with your design professional or save them to a private idea book. The application also features curated idea books from other users and industry professionals that cover home remodeling, decorating tips, house tours and DIY tutorials. You also can buy furniture or accents right on the app, so it’s really a one-stop-shop!
  • HGTV Folio: HGTV is an endless source of inspiration with all of the houses and rooms that have been broadcasted. With the app, you can explore, save, note and share favorites in your personal design guide. You also can get instant access to popular HGTV shows and hosts.
  • Olioboard: This iPad app allows you to create interior design mood boards and it comes pre-loaded with over 10,000 items from over 300 brands. You can search for items by color, brand, category, price or even upload your own favorites. The drag and drop interface makes it easy to rotate, scale, frame or crop your pictures.

For Color

When you meet with your designer, they should ask you what items, colors and styles resonate best with you. Don’t just focus on what you like best but also what you don’t like. This can help narrow down your choices. The following are some apps to help you make these decisions.

  • Benjamin Moore Color Capture: This app allows you take any color inspiration you see from your surroundings and match it to one of Benjamin Moore’s colors. You can save colors and combos to your favorites or access the full-spectrum color wheel to search for complimentary matches. It is available for iPhone and Android.
  • paintingWalls Pro: If you’ve ever considered painting a room but you can’t visualize what the whole space will look like from just one swatch or test sample, this is the app for you. All you have to do is take a photo of the space, and you can toggle between different colors. The basic version is available for free and the Pro version is $2.

For Layout

If you are starting from scratch, try to involve any professionals as early as possible in the building process. This way, everyone involved can be be on the same page.

  • Master-Design Furnish: For those with more advanced knowledge of interior design, this app allows you to draw your rooms and furnishings and obtain a rendering for them. You can look at an aerial view, choose the finish on your furniture and snap a picture. Projects can be imported into other Master-Design applications and shared with your interior designer.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out some of our models set up at our communities. Our interior designers create beautiful layouts!


Your home should be your sanctuary. Stress is everywhere, whether it is caused from school, work, personal, or just life in general—stress happens. It is critical to maintain your stress levels in order to live a happy and successful life. Luckily, Aspen Square Management offers apartment communities across the nation that can help to improve your stress levels. We construct our communities in such a way that they create a “happy place” for our residents to call home.



Exercise has a way of releasing endorphins into the brain, which improves our moods. Several of our communities offer state of-the-art fitness centers, most of which are open 24-hours a day allowing you to workout at your own convenience. Having a fitness center within walking distance rather than having to commute and pay a monthly fee reduces stress by saving our residents time and money. Check out an example of one of our fabulous fitness centers by visiting Parkway Square Apartment Homes in Tallahassee, FL website.

Business Centers


Our business centers are designed to be bright and comfortable workspaces for multitasking, such as the business center at The Reserve at Ridgewood in Sandy Springs, GA. These are great areas to work online, lounge, and meet with business associates. The business centers reduce stress by making printing, scanning, and copying needs simple for all of our residents.


Aspen Square’s apartment communities seek to create comfortable, maintenance-free experiences. However, from time to time situations arise where maintenance support is needed. In this case, we offer not only regular hour maintenance; we offer 24 hour emergency maintenance as well. This takes the pressure and stress away from our residents having to worry about fixing issues on their own. We make it easy by having a way to submit maintenance request online on our community websites and our communities have after hour numbers to contact an on-call maintenance member quickly for emergency calls.

Resort-Style Pools


Most of our apartment communities offer sparkling swimming pools for a relaxing swim and a place to unwind as well as washer and dryer connections to avoid trips to the Laundromat, and community events to take time off and meet new people.

Overall, the convenience of apartment life that Aspen Square Management offers you can help reduce your stress levels from the moment you sign your lease. Contact one of our professional leasing consultants today at one of our communities near you to make 2015 your best year yet!

Renting out a small apartment can seem like a difficult task. But you can use interior design to maximize the space you have and make it more desirable to renters. Just because you have a smaller space, you don’t have to skimp on design and style. There are ways you can improve the look and feel of an apartment with less square footage and you can do it beautifully.CypressWinds-Model-LivingRoom

Purchase Multi-Functional Furniture

Functionality is the most important thing to consider when decorating a small space. How functional are the furnishings? If they can serve multiple purposes in one, they are ideal for your space. A coffee table that also serves as seating and storage is a great idea. This round coffee table has ottomans that slide underneath and have removable cushions for storage — functional, stylish and comfortable all in one.

A sleek, modern foldable sofa bed is a great piece of furniture that can serve as comfortable seating anytime and as an extra bed for guests.

AshfordLakes-Model-Closet2Get Rid of Clutter

When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with unnecessary items taking up room on shelves or your coffee table. Everything should have a designated place. Personal touches are welcome, as long as they don’t make a room seem chaotic and filled to the brim. Take these decluttering tips from the professional organizers at RealSimple.com. Many of Aspen Square’s apartment communities’ closets come with built-in organizers to help to organize clutter!

Design with Space in Mind

Really think about the layout before putting furniture in place. Consider both function and flow. How will the space appear when you walk in? The furniture you choose and its placement should make sense while serving a function; don’t waste space with unnecessary tables or furniture. Renters should walk into the apartment and be able to see how the space could work if they lived there. Be cognizant of the focal point — do you really want the TV to be the first thing you see when you walk into a room?

Add Table AccentsRidgemar-Model-LivingRoom

Putting a small plant or fresh flowers on a coffee table, end table or mantelpiece is a great idea. It brings nature inside while adding freshness to a space. A touch of green or a pop of color helps potential renters see a property as a livable place. These small touches will give your apartment extra character.

Use Mirrors

Township-Square-0452Interior designers have come up with many tricks to make small spaces seem larger. One popular, well-known trick is placing mirrors on walls in small rooms. Maximize light by placing a mirror behind a candle, bedside lamp or pendant lamp. Putting a floor-length mirror behind a piece of furniture will also help create the illusion of more room. Play with mirror placement to maximize natural light in the space and create the illusion of wide-open area.

Include Art and Wall HangingsIMG_2694

You don’t have to be afraid to bring paintings and art into a smaller space. Over-sized paintings often make a room seem bigger and bring the eye up from floor to ceiling. Try paneled paintings in lighter hues to keep the space feeling airy and light. The art you choose should reflect your personality and design aesthetics.

Through clever design choices you can make a small apartment seem like a palace. Use these tips and get your property rented faster.

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Every year society makes a list of certain goals they want to accomplish for the New Year. Some of those goals consist of things such as fitness challenges, meeting new people, becoming less stressed, and saving money. Aspen Square Communities across the country are equipped with many of the necessities you need to start your New Year’s Resolutions off right. There is ZERO need to feel overwhelmed in 2015. Let Aspen Square Management help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions this year!

Many of our communities across the country are well known for their 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness centers that can help you get a fresh start on your fitness goals. Such as Cypress Winds Apartments Homes in Bradenton, Florida near The University of Miami. There is no better time than now to give the management team at Cypress Winds Apartment Homes a call to take advantage of their amazing fitness center that is fully equipped with treadmills, elliptical, free weights, and so much more! Most of our communities include a fitness center, like this one with free membership. So, no matter what your location, we are sure to have the perfect community for you!cypress-winds-fitness

If your New Year’s Resolution consists of wanting to meet new people, Aspen Square Communities have you covered. A priority to our management teams across the country is to create close knit communities. Many of our communities create monthly newsletters for their residents with a variety of community events to get to know your new neighbors.

Becoming less stressed in the New Year is so important for us all. Living in a home where you have all of the must have amenities at your doorstep can be key. Check out The Pines at Carolina Place Apartment Homes in Pineville, NC near Carolina Place Mall. This community is fitted out with Large Bedrooms, Ample Closet Space, Private Patios/Balconies, a Sparkling Swimming Pool, Clubhouse, Fully Equipped Business Center, Large Play Ground, and so much more! Pines-at-Carolina-Bedroom

Saving money is always a top pick for New Year’s when it comes to resolutions. Affordable living is one of Aspen Square Management’s many specialties. If you are in the market for a new home, be sure to check out our website at www.aspensquare.com and browse through a list of our communities in your area to see the amazing specials that our communities offer!

Happy New Year from Aspen Square Management!


Occupants of small apartments are unique kind of urban dwelling animals. They know the life of compartmentalizing. The savviest of them have cool and useful ways of creating more space in a small area. Ideas on how to create more space for storage range from functional to creative. Why not mix both? Here are some creative and functional ideas to create more space within your abode:

Functionalmetal shelving unit

In many apartments, the kitchen has only the basic storage areas—the cupboards, the cabinets below and whatever can fit on top of the refrigerator. One idea is to design with a “garage-style.” An industrial metal shelving unit looks sleek, is sturdy and provides extra shelving for those extra dishes, bottles of wine and knickknacks that otherwise eat up more precious countertop space. These units are great for your candle collection or extra plants, as well. An added bonus is the fact you can use hooks to hang certain large utensils underneath the top shelves, too.


DIYers with a flair for function can take an old bookshelf, remove the top shelves and install hooks on the back of part of it to hang coats, scarves and hats. The bookcase can be painted to your liking. The bottom shelf can be a catch-all for gloves, keys, wallets and purses.

A functional way to make more room in your bedroom closet is to buy wrinkle-free shirts and pants. How does that save room, you ask? It’s simple. These wrinkle-free clothes can be stored away in totes and placed underneath your bed, freeing up more space in your closet to include extra jackets and seasonal storage items. There are totes of all kinds specifically made for being placed underneath the bed, which makes under area of your bed more useful than just collecting dust bunnies.

Effective furniture placement can also create more space. For example, if you can “float” your couch in a certain way in the room that leaves enough room to place a dresser and walk space, you’ve not only added more storage area but also allowed the room to flow. With the dresser, you can either leave the drawers in for storage or remove them to allow for big items storage like pillows and blankets.



For a chic and creative storage solution try decorating with an upcycled ladder. A wooden ladder can be used in various ways in a small apartment. One way is to make it into a hanging closet, where you can create extra closet space by hanging clothes from the ladder. Simply lean the ladder up against a wall in the bathroom and use it as a towel rack or place it up against the wall in the living room to hang plants or stack books on it. If you have a self-standing ladder, you can add platforms to it that you can set extra kitchenware on.

You can also make room under the sink in your kitchen and bathroom simply by using a shower rod. Put a shower rod underneath your sink cabinet and you can hang cleaning products on it. With the addition the shower rod, items can be neatly stacked away and can allow you to hang bottles off the floor, which provides even more space for toilet paper and or other cleaning items.

shower-rod-storage Many Aspen Square communities also offer additional storage closets in their floor plans, which will help to get rid of the clutter. Here are just some of our communities that offer additional storage closets: